About 'That Girl'

My name is Moaza AK
An Emirati dreamer 

... with an wide imaginative world that has a 
continuous journey with no end.

A Blogger with goals throughout life. 

I make no mistakes of who I am today. 

Truly proud of being the founder of +HOUT Dubai and @MoazaSupports 

"They took away all my food, so now I eat fashion for breakfast. also, they made me sleepless, but I sleep photography. last thing was they cut off my air, so i have to breathe art. see, my dreams were born around the world and i was born in my dreams." - Frozen Vanity. 

I'm Full of Wonders and things you will never know until you get to know me
So don't hesitate in 'stalking' me.

XOXO, Love from Moaza AK
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