Friday, 23 December 2011

Racism is Everywhere...

Hello everyone! I know eny wayed mga9ra, and I BARELY blog new posts, its just that I'm TOO pressured with school and I just started my Winter BREAK! which I don't really call a winter break because .. I have to study for my first GCSE Exam which will be on 12/January/2012. Any ways.. 

As I chatted away with people on BBM, Twitter or on the phone...
capital "RACISM" was taking over... 

As myself, I've been insulted a lot due to my looks and much more. Well, let's face the truth! I have full Pure Emirati parents (الله يطول بعمرهم) and that makes me a PURE Emirati which people express it as "بنت عرب, بطن و ظهر" & I'm Proud of this fact. YOU should also be proud about yourself and your family too! People insult you because your 3eemy? Bloushi? She7ii? Screw them. Who are they to judge? 

What I don't get about this society (people) is that... They're so racist with choosing friends! Why? why? WHY? They're humans too aren't they? They have feelings too? We are one. If you just don't show the real you.. your seriously going to have a disastrous life.. Believe me. 

What really bugs me.. People that are just RACIST about Skin Colour. It doesn't matter if you Black or White, What really matters is your heart ...

I'm typing this post for people's benefit.. especially the ones that are truly offended by others and don''t have the power to stand up for themselves. Believe me... being racist is not 'great', nor 'cool'.    

Hope you forward this message to everyone and make a change not only in the Khaleej, But EVERYWHERE. 

-Thank you and please leave your lovely messages/comments below.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Today .. We complete 40 Years

Today we stand to our Seven Emirates ..
 our land .. our home..
Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Um AlQuwain, Sharjah & Ras AlKhaimah
40 years passed with us growing up with her
everyday, The United Arab Emirates becomes ...

and one of the best is .. [ONE] Big Family

الله يحفظ الإمارات .. و يحفظ
الشيخ محمد بن راشد آل مكتوم
♥ . . .

Yesterday was 39 years .. and today 40 years
Hope our years succeed to 100 or more ♥

 عـيـــال زايـــــد
. . .
 ღ F O R E V E R

الله يطول بعمر . . شيوخنا
Shk. Khalifa ALNAHYAN
Shk. Mohammed ALMAKTOUM
& The others . .

L O N G . L I V E S . T H E . U A E

p.s : These pictures DO NOT belong to me, Taken from flickr

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