Saturday, 13 August 2011

Driving Causes Death.

Hello there! Lets start this post.. 

I was on facebook just for a chill, Updated my status saying when this random guy (God Bless Him), He came up to me and commented on my blog and this is when he gave me this idea about Driving causes death and these Stuff. So I made up my mind by writing this blog. 

To Be honest, I really dont know where to start but I have this Question? 
'Why do you speed, and make an accident and make your parents/family/friends live a  miserable life.?" 
Do you know if you had a stupid accident or whatever elmuhim its like your committing suicide :) and you know that is '7raam' (Haram) , Right? 

Think before Doing it, Think of .. 
" How your mother spent 9 months carrying you in her tummy and was fully tired when she bought you but all she thought of how beautiful you are.. " 
" How your parents completed half of their life teaching you whats right or wrong . . " 
" How your family and your friends need you in everything . . " 
 and all these kinds of Questions .. 

Allah yr7amhum ,AllAH Yr7am L'Muslimeen w Muslimaat w Every muslim w kl Umat Mohammed. Allah y'3frlhum AMEEN. YA RAB. ♥

So Guys .. Be careful and look after yourself. 

People think that wearing seatbelt is lame and stupid I bet, But its not.
Why NOT? Because basically a seat belt is designed to protect these two critical areas such as the spinal cord injuries which can have serious consequences. 

A campaign has started in Dubai, It's called ... 
We started using this campaign at school from January to June by encouraging Primary/Secondary school students from Latifa/Rashid School to wear the seatbelts all time. 
I Truly thank our school for what they have created because without them our pupils would not know how buckle up is important. 
Thank you to ... 
Latifa School For Girls & Rashid School For Boys 

This goes to motorbikes too and Wild riders, This is important for you to understand because all your doing is hurting your family & friends. 

      Please Follow what im saying. Believe me it'll make a change in your life & Others.  

May They Rest In Peace.. 
- Suhail Al Nabooda 
- Rashid Buwardy 
Aunty Fat'heya 
- Um Saeed
- Abdulla Lootah 
... and all people that have passed away, الله يرحم جميع المسلمين يا رب

Yours Sincerely 
Moaza AK xoxo 


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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

P.S ; I Love You Mom and Dad

Dear Boys and Girls ... 

I Do not know how to start this post, but to be honest I'm speechless. As I was checking out some recent updates from my contacts on BBM, I saw this girl that kept insulting her parents through her personal messages and on  Twitter and god knows if she has posted it on to other social networks. 
You think that move made you turn into a better person? Made a change? Well..Maybe it did make a change by changing your 7asanat (Hasana'at) has changed to say2aat (Sayia'at). This move does not only give a bad impression to people but a bad impression towards your families reputation and attitude and maybe more. Think about it ... 

Your mother that held you for about half a year (9 months) fighting the pain she's in, held you close to her chest when you were born and had her finger wrapped up between your hands and has raised you to the best and have given you her tenderness that others wish to have... and Your father which told you whats right and whats wrong. 
Turned you from a little boy to a grown up man that is independent, Makes you believe that the highest place you can be is on your daddy's shoulder. 

No-one will stand with you like your parents, Their going to be with you always no matter in what situation because at the end, Their your parents and your their child that will always stay precious throughout their life. Don't say "oh my bf/gf/friends will stand by me..." because they won't and if they did, Only for a while. (Not All)

Sometimes, You don't care about your parents, All you think of is whats the new trend, New fashion, Who's wearing who, What your friends doing etc. and you never ask your parents if they need something or wanting to do something such as going out etc. 

Parents that shout at you or hurt your feelings in a way does not mean that they hate you but they're doing this for your own benefit, Trust me. 

But some parents are very bad, What I mean by 'bad' is that they do not treat their children properly or do not give enough attention to their children/family which weakens the family bond which leads to divorce and this is when families are apart. 

Thank God for the parents that he gave me, I Thank him for this life and for everything he has done for me . . . 

Hope ta5thoon L'na9ee7a, w Tinshroon hal Klam. 
. : . T h a n k . y o u . V e r y . m u c h . : . 

i Thank Latifa BH for giving me this idea and for broadcasting something about mothers. 
Walla klamich L' 9adg kan.  

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Your Sincerely
Moaza AK 

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