Saturday, 30 July 2011

What has happened to our Society

Dear Society . . . 

Hello everyone, Hope your fine ♥ So I have been updating my social networks by changing my statuses, uploading pictures etc. when this un-appropriate picture appears.. When I read the name of whoever has uploaded it .. I just couldn't believe it, She was local. 
Proud To Club?

Why? Does this picture make you  better person? Or your just seeking attention? 

Our Society is turning worse by our locals copying el ajanb, not in good things but in bad. 
You know hathy janat'hum.. Correct? God created this life to examine us throughout life. 

Don't you guys feel ashamedForeigners take a bad impression of us, why that? Look at the attitude that some of you guys act in and the personality that you have.  When you mention arabs to them, They say "Ugh Arabs" Its hurtful to hear that. 
Foreigners think that we 'Lochals' are all about fame, money greediness, Self-Centered, Selfish, Un-creative and much more! The reason that makes them think that because this is the picture that arabs are showing to others. 
All we think about is the newest trends, whats in & out and just do the most stupid things like wasting your money on the most useless things. 
The reason of typing this blog up is not because I want to threaten you guys but to make a change and make some better changes towards our society's reputation. 

You might think that your not giving a bad impression to foreigners but actually you are by making this small mistake whether by action/personality/attitude/etc. 
One mistake ruins the whole locals reputation. 

Tell me if you agree with these things that are happening now-a-days? 
  • When Someone Smiles to you, 75% would just give you a glare and walk away whether your local or a foreigner. 
  • Girls posting nude pictures of themselves, Attention? Makes you a better person? You might be seeking male attention but you won't gain any respect.                                   " How do want other to respect you when you don't even respect yourself" 
  • Trying to show off with your money by taking a picture of your Rolls Royce/Buggatti etc. - Tra 3youn El nas msh hayna + La tt7roon hal baizat is the key to happiness in life, God can take it away from you whenever he wants. 
  • Copying everything that ajanb like... wearing cocktail dresses to any night-out, Go out with guys in public and show people that your free and do more horrific things. 
  • Local girls calling themselves names which are unbelievably bad not knowing that their the reason that our society is being damage and getting this bad reputation. 
  • Local men that go out with foreigners and pay them to get things which are...  
  • Local men who marry foreigners instead of local ladies who are still waiting for a husband, Sorry if this effects some foriegners but some foriegners just marry you locals to get your money, family into the UAE, fame etc. and at the end? She would demand for divorce papers... because at the end? all the money etc. is under her name which means; you lose basically everything. 
  • Wearing brands from head to toe does not make you look rich and elegant, it makes you look that you just came back from Thailand.   

  • Do you think god made a mistake in creating you? If your a girl you shall stay a girl, If your a boy you shall stay a boy. 
  • Man-Wh***s increasing in public areas, Well whats the point of your wife and your children (If He Has)? 
  • Your parents which have raised you throughout their/your life .. You basically throw them into Dar al3ajza just because your wife doesn't want them/Your not in the mood for them/etc. 
  • You skip your prayers just because your asleep and feeling tired? 

  • Try to plan your day instead of wasting it doing nothing, God will ask you about your time and what you have done. 
  • Talking about a girl and trying to ruin her reputation is not what I call a manly move because basically that shows how childish you are. 

  • POOR people are dying, wanting help! Needing food/clothes/everyday needs and loads more but unfortunately some of you guys waste your money in stupid stuff such as?  Mdawee5/Cigarette, Drugs, Alcohol etc. It hurts you guys, Knowing that this money can make a change but all you do is waste it on the most useless things ... if you have time buying a Celine bag and a D&G Shirt perhaps, you also have time to change a poor child life and village. 

Don't love this life, Love your Place in Heaven. 
Am i Correct? 

* You know guys... I have lots to discuss & you know what I mean in what im saying, Right?

Fight for your country and don't stay quite, Be a strong Bond and help others. 
show others that arabs are great. Doing bad stuff such as (S**, etc.) wont help you in anything and clubing/drinking/Smoking isn't "COOL" or "FUN" 

THINK. before you DO. 

Your Sincerely; Moaza. 
'I Didnt mean to offend anyone, But hope you agree on 
what has been discussed in this post. 
Make your family proud, make you friends proud & Finally..  make US proud. '

I . W A N T . T O . M A K E . A . C H A N G E 

HAVE TO WATCH THIS: -Thats what i mean By Mjtma3na 

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Monday, 11 July 2011

Boyat. Banootat and others...

Hello readers,
Today I'm going to talk about Lesbians/Bisexuals/Gays .. 
I have lots of things to say but I'm going to try my best to point out everything that should be said!

First what gets into my mind, How can the same sex loves the same identical sex? Haven't you thought about it?
WHY did god create FEMALE and MALE in everything? " in Humans, Plants, Animals.
" WHY did he write in the Qura'an : "لقد جعلناكم من ذكر و أنتى " .

THE HOLY QURA'AN even said it, The Qura'an did not say "لقد جعلناكم من أنثى و أنثى" OR " ذكر و ذكر ", Dont you guys feel ashamed? God did not make a mistake when creating you.
Didnt you know that الله curses every Lesbiand/Gay.  
You are who you are with no mistake. If he created you as a girl, you shall stay a girl, If he Created you as a boy, You shall stay a boy.
Some males and females have this disease which allows them to choose either to be female/male or perhaps be both, they have a reason BUT if you are created normal... no need to change god's creation.

You stay CURSED 3nd Allah & You will NEVER see heaven and scent heaven's smell.
Earth is not Heaven/Paradise :), Earth is an Exam Paper.. You get tested through out your life and once you die .. this is when the word "yalaitny.. (I Wish..)" comes out.  

Parents, You should also take a role in your Daughter/Son's life. You have to know everything she/he is doing and who's she/he hanging out with and if that girl/boy is good or bad to hang out with. 
You should realise if you daughter/son is not him/her-self by their looks, way they dress, action and speech etc.
Some parents are TOO careless to know what has been going through their daughter/son's life and this is a very BIG mistake their doing because at the end god is going to ask you about your children and is going to blame you for your lack of carness towards your children.
Some girls/boys turn into lesbians/Bisexuals/Gays because they feel that no one cares and why bother stay the same? I Know lots of girls that have turned into tomboys because their parents are divorced and no one takes care of her, But at the end .. even though your parents are divorced etc. YOU should know whats right or wrong. 

Haven't You heard about "قوم لوط"
قوم لوط are people who loved their gender (Meaning: Girl♥Girl , Boy♥Boy)- God eclipsed the land they lived on and guess what? Their land still exist in this world which is called "The Dead Sea", God even said when you pass by The Dead Sea you have to تتعوذون و تذكرون ربكم. 
Believe it or not - Until today, Their still being tortured and basically their suffering.

#Fact : I myself , Have alot of lesbians in my List .. But my Goal is to make them into a better person and improve their life by being straight. 
-You know what annoys me the most? When she wants to show others that shes in-love with this boya/Banoota, She keeps broadcasting things such as "I Miss *flana bnt flan* wainch 7bebe?" and continues changing her Personal message saying that she misses her etc.
I Asked one of these lesbians why has she turned from straight to a lesbian? her answer was: " I Was once straight and my boyfriend kept cheating on me, so one of my friends told me to give up on guys and start dating girls - which I found disgusting at first but then I just loved it! " - How pathetic is that? That is not an excuse to start dating girls. 

If I did not Care about our society or about you people.. I wouldnt have written this post and wasted my time typing this post for about 2 to 3 hours. Its Hard to make a change and I know it's a big change to do... but if you want everything to the right way and want forgiveness from god, You just have to follow the correct path.

Who Doesn't Want "GODS" love
You should be thankful that god has given you the world, life, decisions to make alone and much more things that you might not realize! You Should respect for what he has done and basically he gave you everything and what does he want in return? 
The most simple things: To Pray, Read Quraan and make the correct decisions thats all!  

Animals which god created with no brains like us dont do these stuff, they NEVER do. Check it out yourself and you'll find its a fact.

Now this is the end, which path will you take . . . ?
- Lesbians/Bisexuals/Gays = HELL. 
- Straight = HEAVEN.
" Allah Y7asib Everything you do/say/see "

I'm not saying this to make you hate me, No... bel3aks, I'm saying this for your own Good.

Think about YOUR religon and the End of the World , Not your life now :) .

Thank you and hope you respect what I have wrote and hope ALL boyat/Banootat/Gays
respect what I said and think about it.

Any Comments should be written below and any discussion will be discussed in the comments box.

Thank you.
Your Sincerely Moaza AK.

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P.S ; Please listen to this 
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