Tuesday, 19 November 2013

I admit.. I love you

He left me with this question … "Why do you love me?" 

This didn't just make me wonder why? it made me really think, WHY did I love him? WHAT made me love him? Was it just sympathy? Or was it real love? Why do I love him so much, O'why? 
I won't say that I haven't thought about it, But as soon as he stroke me with this question … it made me think … think … think deeply indeed. 

You simply complete me. 

You are always there for me when no one was, not even my own family. Your always here to listen to me, even though I brag about the same things EVERY-DAY. Instead of getting annoyed, you give me a solution. Instead of ignoring, you listen. Instead of saying 'shut up', you advise me. 

It's not only about listening, or being there for me… well… I don't know how to explain it at all. Its a mixed feeling of Love. I just love you. I really do. "I'm madly in love with you" 

After the 'moment', I continue to think about you. Thinking about OUR future which might not exist, but in some way it will. I think about what your doing now and what will you do later on. I think about everything were passing through together, I think about whether you'll be calling tonight or tomorrow, I think about when will I be able to go out with you... I think about 'US'. It's a daily routine. 

What will I do without you ? 

You might think that I rely on you so much… no. I don't. But as I mentioned previously, YOUR the only one there for me. Yes. Your the one, and I say this with full confidence. 

Your not perfect, neither am I. Your not ready, neither am I. Your not 'pretty', neither am I. 
BUT… to me? Your perfect, your handsome, your beautiful… Eventually ? Your MY definition of life. Hard to believe but I'm glad its true. 

This is real love. not a mistake. 

“They say a real love is one that relaxes you, make you smile and pats you on the head. But I say that real love is the one that casts you  into the wind, strikes you with a thunder, 'burn through the skies and 'ignite the night like a phoenix...'as C.JoyBell says. Its the love that allows you to as wild as you want… like a wildfire which can't stop its burns because you keep on burning everything that you touch. Real love is the one that 'burns and flies, and you run with it!'. Thats Real love."  

finally, I have to say that what I have written is NOT enough .. however.. 

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