Tuesday, 15 October 2013

polaroid capture of 'life'

This may be a random post, however ... I just wanted to 'blurt' it out. 

Life is what you make it. Sometimes your going to mess it up for thats the truth, but sometimes it runs perfectly.. who knows? the best part of life is that YOU decide how your going to mess it up and how perfect you want it to be. Girls ... Boys .. they'll be your friends - but they'll "act" like it anyways. however, Remember,  some come and some go. The ones that will stay with you in everything ... they're your true best friends. Don't let them go. 

I've experienced a well relationship with people since I was 12 yrs old. You may think I'm going "bonkers"or just a "tif-taf" blabbing nonsense, but this is the ugly truth. I've been bullied, backstabbed, hurt, sad, in-pain and all those negative adjectives you can think of.. But I knew that one day, I'll meet the right best friend.. soul-mate or the right brother/sister, and smile all the way. I bet you all knew that I had social networks and social-friend-relations starting from 2008-2009... and I do know every feeling each one of you feels when a friend, soul-mate or whomever hurts you. Correct? But now a days when I get backstabbed, I just don't give *pardon my swear* shit.  

Also remember, I hate to say it but most of them - or lets say "actually pretty much all of them" are going to leave you heartbroken. But you can't give up nor will ever give up, because if you give up ... you'll persuade yourself to failing every single day. Just because you failed does not mean you're going to fail at everything. Keep trying, hold on, believe in yourself and always keep your head up high, and most importantly is to smile. Life? it's beautiful. There is so much to smile about as Marliyn Monroe say's. 

We have a polaroid capture of 'life', perfect isn't it? 

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