Friday, 26 July 2013

10 reasons why I Hate Dubai

This blog shocked me indeed. To be honest, Every time I read a post by other bloggers discussing how much they hate Dubai or the United Arab Emirates... I just feel like punching them to death (Too violent .. Sad Fact haha). 
Most people that talk about how much they hate Dubai/UAE are expats unfortunately. Well... Dubai is perfect to us, Don't like it? Leave. End of story. You do not need to create blogs and websites to explain your hateness and disgust towards Dubai. Yes - Dubai is expensive, Strict with the law and so on ... But we aren't the only City that is 'expensive, strict and luxurious as you all expats say. Japan is expensive, Saudi Arabia is strict and NYC is luxurious.. Don't you think ? 

Let's get back to the blog I read ... (my respond towards the bloggers point is in THIS)


 I Cannot stand Dubai.
Here are ten things that I don’t like about Dubai:
1. Malls:
I know malls are fun, but what if they were all you could go to? How many times will you go on the dhow cruise, the desert safari or the beach? After all, one comes back to the nearest dull (albeit air-conditioned) mall.
If you aren't a shopaholic, Dubai’s not the place for you. I have lost the little appetite I had for clothes, window shopping and causeless mall-walking, and so my trips are spent reading a book with my hipster face on at Starbucks.
At first I thought that I hated pointless strolls in the mall because I wasn’t accompanied by friends. However, for two years, I’ve had some social life there and it isn’t much different – the same places, the same restaurants, the same bored me.
Even people who have never visited Dubai have heard of this – everything is too expensive. Another thing is that the price of the same article in two different shops is completely different. I’ve even had experiences where shops next to each other would charge double the amount for the same thing. I don’t understand the reason here.
Not really, Malls are not the only place to visit at Dubai, Dubai is known for its huge malls but its not the only thing in Dubai. Dubai has many things and surprises that allows everyone to have fun, enjoy and so on - If you can't see that, then your hanging out in the wrong places which does not suit your perspective of "Fun". 
Of-course! It's pointless to have a 'stroll' in malls because it's just POINTLESS! unless you have 'someone' with you. Be happy, Enjoy what's around you! Your also accompanied with your friends - Aren't they fun?!... Well, Restaurant/Café 's defer from each other and some are the same! However, I mean .. Shake shack at MOE, Social House at Dubaimall and Mezza House at Downtown Dubai *Hmmm*. 
True fact, Dubai is expensive. If they're the same product then buy the cheapest if you insist. Additional to that, The prices that those stores have included are the prices that has been given to them by the company itself, It's either you buy it or leave. Were Emirati citizens and we also find some products are just too pricey, So simply - We would just leave it and look for a better product. Were all the same, And to whom can afford it, well good for them! 
2. Citizenship:
Oh hey, I have a nationality other than Pakistani. LOL JUST KIDDING, I was born in Dubai.
No one cares if you were born in Dubai or have lived there for 40+ years. You don’t get any extra benefits and if God forbid you’re a guy, you may want to pack your junk and leave as soon as you hit 18 and are no longer under a work visa. If you’re a girl though, Wallah you can under your dad/husband’s visa without having to work.
Simple, You got it.   P.S: Guys (Men) should work either way.  

3. Fines:
This part my dad hates more than I do because he is always flooded with fines. He literally wakes up to a parking fine every morning. Poor man is already in his sixties, have some mercy!
You get fined over small things like parking your car so that the bonnet is slightly casting a shadow on the curb. As a Pakistani (who is able to do just about anything and get away with it), I’m not a fan of such a suffocating system.
These fines are not small either. You must pay 200 dirhams for the above mentioned example. That’s more than Rs5,300! I can safely say that Dubai has made a hefty amount of money just from parking fines (half of it coming from a certain suit-clad man in his sixties).
No one knows if your father is 60, 30 or 25 years old (may god bless him), This is the rule - Either follow it or you'll get fined, A Rule which every person has and SHOULD follow, Even us! (If you think we don't get fined). If he always gets fined, then he should make something about like... change his parking area or perhaps go to the Police Station and discuss it there. 

4. Extravagance:
It may be wrong of me to hate on Dubai’s extravagant nature because it is after all a tourist destination, but good God, do these guys have a hole in their hand!
I bet that a display of fireworks is happening right now in at least three places in just Dubai. Fireworks on New Year’s Eve, Christmas, or Eid are great, but must there really be fireworks all through the duration of Ramadan, the winter/summer shopping festivals?
But if they really have the money to spend, what can one say?
As you have mentioned yourself, Dubai is a 'tourist destination'. Your not the only person living there. You have Muslims, Christians, Nones, Hinduism and perhaps Buddhism and Others that live in Dubai. The use of fireworks on different events is to put a smile on every person's face. Don't tell me you look at fireworks with a serious face on?  
5. Shopping Festivals:
There is no such thing as a shopping festival in Dubai. The only thing you will see in the name of these “festivals” is a small area with rides for the children and a few kiosks on roadsides selling made-in-China ornaments and mobile accessories. These festivals were better at least seven years ago when fun events would be held at malls and there were real discounts on things.
Dubai shopping festival make good discounts on several products which are out of date, but not huge discounts on products which are still on role (compared to America and Europe area's). 
#TRUE_FACT : Half of the brands you buy from is from China manufacturing companies. 

6. Discounts:
There are discounts galore! Seeing a “70% off” sign displayed outside all stores is normal. However, when you step inside, you will find that everything costs the same as it always did. There is too much false advertising. Pierre Cardin stores alone have had a “75% off!”sign for as long as I have seen it in Dubai!
True, That's how those shops think their going to gain customers interest.
Every business has it's way of marketing. 

7. The heat:
The terribly hot weather may be one of the few reasons people resort to going to air-conditioned malls.
I should not have too much of a problem with it since I’ve always lived in Karachi. However, in the summer, Karachi is breezy by the night.
Dubai is just a darker, hotter, more humid hell hole by night. And forget about the afternoons! If you have somewhere to go in the afternoon, think twice before you sit your tush down on the burning leather car seat. I've had the experience of baking things nobody would want baked.
that's why it's called the 'Middle East' which lays in the 'Desert', It SHOULD be hot and humid for god sake. Dubai has Skyscrapers, buildings and much more which does not allow lots of breeze to pass..Karachi is much simple and allows breeze to pass through the area which is great! But Hey-Hey?! Dubai did not insist anyone to come by, We 'welcome' every visitor and send our regards when they're off to a different destination. 

8. Snooty Arabs:
Would it be racist of me to say that the Arabs are kind of racist towards us South Asian folks?
They have their nose in the air and most of the times don’t prefer to interact with South Asians. There is no such thing as laborer rights too, by the way. Most of the laborers are Pathans from Pakistan. My brother and his South Asian friends are often stopped by the police and told to carry all his identification documents at all times. Why, habibi, why?
Not all Arabs (Emiraties in this case) are racist towards others, Some are just too sick and stupid to be racist and believe me, many of us are against Racism.
However, yes - You should always carry your ID all the time no matter where you go, this is for safety and for other reasons too. Carrying your ID around does not make a BIG FUSS you  know ... it barely weighs a gram. 
9. Strangled journalism and the media:
The United Arab Emirates isn't the only country in the world where the media and journalists aren't given the most basic of freedom. Hence there is less scope for what I would call real journalism, but if you are a fashion and tourism journalist, you may want to try your luck.
Everyone should be respected especially through Media, for it's public. Real journalism is never produced publicly unless you want to risk it..  

10. Terminal One:
The Terminal One is a huge airport in Dubai.
This isn't the good kind of huge at all. After you’re done with the check-in counter, you basically have to cross half the distance to your destination city on foot, on escalators. No, I’m just exaggerating, but you have to walk a lot! I am asthmatic by the time I reach the departure lounge.
I think having to land at Terminal One may be one of the reasons my trips to Dubai start horribly.
Hope you get cured Inshallah for I have been asthmatic and الحمدالله  I'm much better compared to my past. Walk slowly and steady, enjoy the airport's surrounding, You shouldn't be running a marathon towards the lounge - It's not like it's going to fly away. Additional to that point, there are those club car's which take you from one terminal to another.  
And with that I am done with the ten things I hate about Dubai. 
Finally, So after my debate with your answers, I hope you understand what I'm pointing out about Dubai and the real view about Dubai. You just need to smile and have a positive attitude with your surrounding and try to enjoy every bit of it - Many people are wanting to visit to Dubai but do not have the time or right finance to do so! So be thankful atleast.  I don't mean to be rude nor disrespectful however... If you hate Dubai so MUCH, Simply you do not need to come by later on. Sorry.  I'd have more to say but I bet you got my point. Thank you. 

Good morning & Good night! 
[Typing; 26/7/2013 on 5:10AM] 

Hope none of you guys find this post and my replies offensive, but I just had to give out my point of view and thoughts about the 'hate' of this blogger towards Dubai.   
Love you & Miss you all wonderful readers! More post's to come I hope.. So have a nice, peaceful Ramadan day! 



  1. Very nice information. Thank you for sharing..

  2. A day in Dubai passes like 1 second...I feel up to my throat from this city...what is happening is TOO superficial nothing is packed with so many building...who is gonna stay in all these projects....

  3. very good points but a bit too tame...whilst thousands of Syrian , afghani , Iraqi, Somali (but to name a few) children are killed and go hungry and whilst hundreds of thousands of their parents are oppressed tortured and killed famines, wars and other political outrages the emirates continue to have a good time without a care.. what goes around comes around remember that.....

  4. I visited Dubai just days ago and I believe that would be my first and last time in Dubai. Service from foreigners working at Dubai was excellent. I really enjoyed their great service. Problem with the country is that locals treat foreigners horribly. My experience there was the worst.

    When I received at DXB, I was greeted with nice and friendly ground staff who was more than willing to assist me. Mind you, they're all foreigners. The counter staff was slow, rude and just plain arrogant - not the kind of service I was expecting from Dubai. And yes, they're locals.

    Stories I've heard through my stay at Dubai and my experiences, I'm really astonished by how the locals' behaviour, mannerism and their way of life. I was even howled at and pushed by a local family at the airport. People who are able-d and receive money from the government for everything do not deserve my respect. Conservative country? - if you observe enough, that's really not the case.

    If you guys think I'm against the country because it's a Muslim country, that is NOT the case.

    All and all, very bad experience. And I would never step into Dubai again for as long as I live. Even if it means selecting another airline!

  5. اذا مب عايبتنج دبي ردي بلادج ، ماكلة من خير البلاد و تتحرطم

  6. I was at the immigration counter going back to UK, and the officer (Arab) at the counter spoke to me in Arabic and laughed hysterically. So I said (In my native language which is not English) "Hope you get to @@@@ your mother and @@@@ all over her face" and smiled at him. He let me pass :)

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  8. Locals believe that for some reason they are superior for some unknown reason to any other race in the world , little do they know.. cus at least back home we have a Rich culture and know what compassion means and there is a lot to do in terms of stimulating the mind intellectually , I hope everyone will boycott uae and leave and let them emiratis suck their toes instead . Happy 2016


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