Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Latifa School for Girls _ Summer Exhibition of GCSE and A/S Level art work

Every year, Latifa School for Girls (Nad AlSheba) set up an art Exhibition  which show cases GCSE and AS Lever students art work to whom have chose 'art' as a subject to study *British Curriculum school*. 

In Art GCSE, they follow either endorsed or unendorsed course. Basically, Unendorsed means that its a broad-based course where you will work in a wide variety of materials. Endorsed is an option which is more specialized where you will focus on either fine art, textiles, 3D Design, graphics or perhaps photography.  
During a GCSE (Art & Design) you'll do 3 or 4 Projects. Using the work you have created during the course, You will also have to present a portfolio of your work for formal assessment. The art work that GCSE students have presented in the exhibition took 2 years to create due to creating the body of preparatory work in a sketchbook/journal and the art work units.

In AS Level Art and Design, it provides students with the opportunity to develop personal responses to ideas, observations, experiences, critical and contextual forms.
This four-unit specification requires students to develop their skills and show their ability by being independent and develop their own ideas, show interest and enthusiasm towards art and design, experience working with a wide range of media and an awareness of different roles, functions and audience. Taking AS Level course is suitable for students who wish to study Art and Design in a much higher level or perhaps to who wish to pursue a career which relates to Art.  

After the hard work and the hours that these students have put in their art, the results were just phenomenon. Too bad I didn't have time to pass by the Art exhibition at Latifa School for Girls due to my exams. However thanks to Fatma Al Mulla, Afra Belarti, Shaikha Jaber and Rafia Ejtabi for forwarding all GCSE and AS Level artwork which have been produced by LSG Students. Some photo's have been taken from Instagram (from the artist's account or visitors). 

*   Here are some of the artworks produced by several GCSE/AS Students: 
(These photo's and ideas are not to be used, under Copyrights©2012-2013)
C l i c k . O n . t h e . P h o t o ' s . T o . E n l a r g e 

Futtaim Al Amri - GCSE 

Hessa Butti - GCSE
Moaza Bin Shafya - AS Level 

Latifa Al Sabousi - AS Level 

Alia Al Gaoud - GCSE 

Maryam Mana'a - A Levels (Year 13)

Fatma Al Mulla - AS Level 

Maryam Al Marri - GCSE 

Maryam Al Mehairi - AS Level 

Afra Belarti - GCSE 

Aisha Al Rahoomi - AS Level  

Maryam Bin Beyat - AS Level 

Rafia Ejtabi - GCSE 
Sheikha Jaber - GCSE 
Latifa Al Ayali - AS Level 

Salama Al Hajri - GCSE 
Eman Mubarak - GCSE 

I Wish you all best of luck x Hope you all get A*'s after your hard work, long nights of preparing and practicing your skills for these finals ! You have made us proud with your beautiful work and have made your country proud!   

Best Wishes to You, 
Moaza AK x 

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