Saturday, 2 March 2013

Judge the Product not the designer

"Look at this Blazer!"
"Wow! Love it, Who's the designer?"
"It's XXXX" 
"Ew, Put it away, It's hidious!" 

This what really puts me off when fashion comes along, This is the reason why '' is not a fashion blog. 

People don't judge the product and how It's manufactured, they only judge the product by the fashion designer's name. I respect all designers and their products even though they might not be perfect, However they have made a change in their life by creating something for others and something that allows them to be proud of.

What I mean through this point is... : 
When you show other's a shirt that has a 'Chanel' sign (For example) in the middle of a plain white shirt, Their reaction would be 'Wow! that's beautiful, How much is it for? I want it!'. Whats the 'wow' and 'beautiful' about a plain shirt with a Chanel sign in the middle? It's simple and yet nice however, Not to be exaggerated about how it looks .   

Some would raise the price just because It has a brand design on it, am I correct ? Some overstate by having the word 'Cartier' on the chest and selling it for 500+ when you can basically by a normal shirt and go to a printing factory or so, which will easily print it for you with a much cheaper price. Agree? 

The reason of typing this post is that, Sometimes you can sick of society's idea of fashion. 
Fashion is a hobby that is found in any person whether their not known or quite low in budget etc. - Not because of their name or rank in society. 

Being a famous blogger because you have tiffaney accessories, Céline hangbag, Rolex watch and Roberto Cavalli's shirt is not 'كفوو', Because what Is being shown publicly is just something called 'Fashra' not 'Fashion'. Some fashion bloggers might not afford all these brands however (to be honest) I find them more fashionable because they mix in Cheap&Chic together creating a very elegant outcome with a talent of mixing brand ranks together.  

I respect all designers and fashion in Society and I wish you all the best. I also thank all people that respect designers and fashion not just because of the designers name or fame, You guys should be the role models of fashion indeed. 

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