Sunday, 14 October 2012

Felix's jump

- this has been typed Lively (Watching Felix B. from 8:00PM) , Typing every thing going on (Timing UAE Time)

As Felix entered the Capsule, This is when I said to myself "this dude is crazy." As he said he's going to have a free fall from 23 miles above the earth, breaking the sound barrier! This is TOO AMAZING. 

Felix has dreamt about this goal, He wanted to explore what was at the edge of the cliff, as people told him to stay away from the edge the cliff. - This line gave me full worthy and respect towards him, His dream was just something that people won't still look up to when they grow up. 

Felix Baumgart jump is something not to be MISSED, A moment which will be "history"
God preserve that man and make him a man which people look up to.  

Once Felix makes this jump, He'll be the next child/people's 

" Who's Felix? 
Felix Baumgartner was born in Salzburg, Austria on April 20, 1969 and as a young boy he dreamt of flying helicopters. Little did anyone know at that time that he would become one of the most famous skydivers in history. At 16, he attempted skydiving for the first time."

It's 38.925 m, Pressure has been mistaken and their decreasing it by dragging the parachute much lower. Temperature is -7.7 Celsius, Felix inflating his astronomic suit [9:56 PM].

He should focus on the way he jumps, Body jump language (etc.) because it can effect on the jump from the Capsule causing him to die.

The world looks amazing in someway ... سبحان الله .. Lo L'Dnya nshufha 7lwa, Wsh El Jana 3dal hal dnya ? 

9:57 = Door has opened!      *Heart Beats fast for some reason!*   
10:06 = stood up to jump ... it's time Felix! JUMP AND MAKE THE WORLD PROUD.

HE JUMPED - 10:07 PM

10:09 = Completed 2 minutes & 30 seconds Free fall
10:11 = Opens Parachute !  
10:13 = ARRIVES TO EARTH's Sky!!!! 

God Bless that man, Indeed he's preserved.

A great man to look upwards to, Strong .. Pride .. I'm speechless indeed. 

My heart skipped a beat, goosebumps... but that man really showed me what a goal and a challenge is all about, and how everything you think is "impossible" IS POSSIBLE
Don't give up on your dreams x Heads up, Were here to support

Photo's I Have taken: 

Well done Felix, Yes You have made a change! 

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