Saturday, 18 August 2012

Travel to go!

18/8/2012 , Happy birthday Mom! Hope you enjoy this day x ! - A Day we traveled. 

Yes I'm back to Dubai! Our 3 weeks holiday to Düsseldorf, Belgium & France was the best since we haven't traveled for 3-4 years and the last visit to Europe was 8 years ago.. It was great! 

Basically, everyday was an adventure to us! As we arrived to Düsseldorf airport we rented a car (Dad drives) from HERTZ which I will mention later on on the post about how DREADFUL their service is! We drove off to Belgium (staying there for a week) & Guess what ruined my first day? It was TOO hot and no A.C. was around & basically I Couldn't sleep until 6AM in the morning *bummer*. It was a rough day I Guess? 

As the days passed, 23/Aug has arrived which means? HELLO France! 
Wow, What a big change .. For some reasons the 2 walk ways by the Champs Elysees reminds me of Solidair in Lebanon *hmmm*, Anyways.. had a wonderful time at Disneyland and spent those 3 days with my lovely beloved 2nd family and our last day shopping! 

Too bad I was sick from day 1 at France, We spent our last day back to Belgium and the next day (1/Sept) We took off to Düsseldorf which had this wonderful Konigsallee Street which was filled with the most OUTRAGEOUS fashion, It was just Fashion heaven there! 

1/Sept, We arrived to Düsseldorf airport to visit HERTZ rent-a-car company.. Why? Because we had a car accident in Belgium and basically we called someone that works at HERTZ and made a confirmation in changing the car at Düsseldorf. 
Once we arrived... Guess what? They did not do any confirmation, They did not save the car that we wanted. Bad service indeed! We told them what happened and they just looked like they weren't bothered and kept nodding their head stupidly! It was just horrendous!!  

Well, That was it .. The end of the trip! I Haven't mentioned everything but basically you get the idea of how much I enjoyed it and how everything was great and out going the trip was! 

- As my friends asked to see my outfits throughout the days, Here you go! (Couple of Pictures)

H&M Navy Sweater
Dorthy Perkin's Skinny Jeans 
Hermès Red Scarf
Dior White Loafers
Rolex Oyster Perpetual  (GOLD)
Zara Leopard Cotton Shirt
Dorthy Perkin's Jeans
Pearl earing  
Jeans Blouse paired up with High waisted pants, Both from ZARA.
4ever 21's Golden Glass
Hermès bracelet 
H*OUT Hoodie
 Black Leggings from Zara  
Red shoulder cuffed Blazer from Zara
Hermès shirt from my T-shirt
black horse riding pants
Charles & Keith light brown loafers.
Rolex Oyster Perpetual  (GOLD) 
H&M's navy blazer
Chanel hand-cuff shirt from My T-shirt
black pants from Zara
Charles & Keith Light brown loafers. 
Ralph Lauren White hoodie
Dorthy Perkin's Skinny Jeans
Chanel Rose-Gold earing
Fergamo dark brown Loafers. 
Jeans sweater from Zara
Life is a Joke Mustache shirt
Dorthy Perkin's Skinny jeans
Pearl Earing
Charles & Keith Light brown loafers. 
 YSL Classic Shirt
Leopard blazer from River island
High waist pants from ZARA
Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch (STEEL & ROSE-GOLD)

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