Saturday, 4 August 2012

O-Concept Event

On 1/8/2012 which was held for 3 days (1st of August to 3rd August), We visited O-Concept cafe where they had this event bringing in different kind of Emarati-Businesses such as FMM, Wayed Vintage, Abayah Couture, Hand painted Glass Boutique, Lucky Beads, Noal Zaher, MALAK, Spiritual Gypsy, Sugar Vintage and More. 
They had creative fashion going on everywhere! - I just did not know where to start!

One of my favorite thing I saw at the O-Concept was the Um Kalthom Yellow Bag! It was just TDF. - Too Bad I didn't get it (Second thoughts). Tried my best to look for the business tag or which business it is under, Too bad i did not find it :( If you know which Business it was under please post it as a comment below.    

As I reached at the O-Concept Event, Ran up to FMM's section looking for the Nutella shirt with this amazing quote under saying "المتن موفيد "! It was just 'Bad-Luck' not finding it, As Fatma AlMulla said: "Their all out! More to come." - Can't wait! 

MALAK's Cykas turbines were beautiful, I just looked hideous in them *Feels ashamed*, What also attracted me were their high padded blazers which look good too, Loved the combination of red with gold studded pads and also the leopard printed blazer.  

Abaya Couture's sequenced abaya was just TDF too! The work that was made on the abayah was absolute stunning! The other designed abaya's that were on display were also beautiful, Especially what the owner was wearing, Simple & Chic is what I call it. 

Spiritual Gypsy's jewelery were just amazing! Even though they looked simple they look outrageous, The Emerald and Ruby stones which are used look so delicate & Just beautiful, Simple to wear and look pretty in.  

Wayed Vintage also had these Antique earings which are really what I call 'Wayed Vintage', I just tried all of them trying to decide which to get, Too bad I cant buy all of them in one-go! Their BIG and STUNNING! Beautiful to wear for a Ramadan Gathering with your friends or family perhaps.  

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Love Sincerely 
Moaza AK xoxo 

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