Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Dubai Chamber Charity Night

GUESS WHAT? I Signed up for the Dubai Chamber Charity Night that will be held this Thursday on 9/August2012 

- What is Dubai Chamber Charity Night? 
DCC night is all about putting together a care package containing supplies for labourers in Dubai Labour camps. 

                Last Year, Dubai Chamber Charity Night had participation from over 5000 volunteers and hope YOU can make it better this year by doubling this amount of volunteers. 

My Experience at DCC Night;

Our shift was at 11pm, The event was a Dubai World Trade Center which I think was a great place to set an event! Don't you?
As we registered, We got our sticky tag names and WOW! Lots of volunteers which made me surprised, Never know lots of people would sign up.

What I disliked about the event...

  • They were dis-organised with what volunteers should do at the event 
  • Boxes were not enough, No boxes were delivered for volunteers 
  • You did not know who was working and managing the event. 
  • People that had the things to put it the boxes were TOO noisy and wild! They were not really trying their best. 
  • It was not In sections, E.G. The boxes, Tape the boxes up, Where to go to put in the objects for the labors. They were just a mess! 
What I basically liked about the event is that everyone contributed and tried to find something to fill up for the labor camps & The ladies that volunteered to give out the certificates to congratulate every contributer was just great!
I Hope they improve their event in the future and do not forget to donate something for the needy.. After all it is Ramadan and its really important too! 

I'm going to blog a new post about 'the needy donation', Don't forget to get back on my blog for new posts!    

Thank you. 
Moaza AK.

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