Sunday, 8 July 2012

UAE Dress Code

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do. That is the message of two campaigns started by local women in the Gulf countries of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates." - AlJazira News.

"UAE Dress Code" campaign, started by 2 locals Hanan Al Rayes and Asma Al Muhairi, They began out of disgust at the sight of foreigners dressed in an inappropriate view. "Whether you like it or not, this country has its own culture that should be respected & protected by its own people," read one of their recent tweets on @UAEDressCode.

Lately, Forgeiners/Tourists do not pay attention to their clothing by wearing short dresses to malls which show 'un-wanted seen' parts of their body. Most families and local people hang out in public and might find what is being worn by forgeiners are quite offensive.

These laws have been created to stabilize our country and a respect to our religion which is Islam.  

You might be thinking 'what kind of clothes are appropriate then?', well ... To be respectful towards the UAE culture...

For Women: the best thing is to remain covered from shoulder to at least the knees. For instance, although t-shirts (preferably with sleeves covering at least upper arm) are fine, "V-Cut" tops may not be appreciated in public areas. Tight or low-cut t-shirts are also considered offensive towards the culture.  If you were to wear a skirt, the skirt length should be above the knee level, Skirts can become short and show censored parts in your body which there is highe risk of male attention and basically a police arrest and fine.  

For Men: You might think there is nothing to be mentioned and you might find it odd, Unfortunatly there are things to be mentioned!
When visiting/praying-in a Mosque, men are required to be dressed in long trousers or White kandoora's which what they tradtionally worn for prayers.
Men who wear T-shirts when going out can have offensive slogans or pictures, or obscene language that might cause religious or cultural offence, these things are not acceptable in the UAE and can be police arrest and fined too.  

Consequences of not following the dress code

If you were caught wearing an offensive clothing outfit, and have recieved a warning, The best thing to do is apologize and fix it immediately. However, If an argument (Another warning) was informed again with the concerned person, matters may get worse, and police may be called.
On being caught in such a scenario, possibilities are one month imprisonment, followed by deportation.
Although, the police may not walk around particularly looking for offensively dressed visitors, they will surely respond to complaints.

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  1. All of that requirements were a given to people not so long ago,that it didnt have to be published as dress code.

  2. Those who contributed to the situation which created the need for the dress code should reflect on what they've done instead of criticising the dress code for restricting their freedom.Freedom without limits is no different from having no laws.

    1. "Freedom" in their own country, If they come to Dubai/UAE or any other country/City they should respect the law and respect locals and this reflects to our religion.

      Without law, Our country won't be stabilized.
      Whether Tourists/migrants like it or not, they should respect locals and respect the laws that has been created by the Rulers and Locals and most important point is to respect our religion which is islam.

  3. This is very useful for someone that would like to visit your country in the next weeks!!:)
    Thinking ahead on packing my clothes.. to make things simple... Shirts: not tight and covering shoulders and for the lower part of the body not tight and anything below the knee is acceptable?


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