Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Eventra Event - Sunset Mall

On 25/7/2012, We were invited to the Eventra Event at Sunset Mall which was held for 5 days. The shops that were opened at the eventra were... The Ahlis, FMM, Ooh Laa Laa Baby Couture, For the love of, Romantic Flowers, Palestyle, Royal Couture, The Puppet Show, Neon Edge and much more! 

Their just 'Amazing' and very creative! too bad I did not have much time stroll around and buy whatever attracts me! 

One of the shops that I really like was FMM, The designs that she have made were just unbelievably adorable! Fatma AlMulla created notebooks with a beautiful out page of her work and not only notebooks but TDF shirts such as the nutella shirt that I'm wanting!  

"Ooh Laa Laa! Baby Couture" had fabulous children clothes, One of the dresses that I loved were these ballerina dresses, they were just amazing! It had different colored tutu's stuck together with hot pink as the top layer of the shirt and tutu
Too bad I have a baby brother not a sister!, My sister is all grown up! :') 

The Ahlis also had these vintage dresses that were just fanatic and were creatively designed, I haven't seen their clothes line but from the looks of it, They were just FAB. 

The Puppet Show's blazers/jacket were just Phenomenon! 
The sequence and colors/material that have been used were absolutely beautiful.  
check them out: (First Pic.)

"For The Love Of..." were selling some abayas and some accessories which reminded me of Lebanon, the use of their colours in their accessories were just what I call "Summer Splash" - Very flashy and quiet simple to wear on an outfit or a night out.  

It was lovely to meet Fatma AlMulla, Zubaida (Owner of ButterHotShoes), Al Ahlis, Um Saeed and the others! 

Here are some Photo's of the Eventra Event:- (Taken from Instagram/Myself)

Lovely Jumpsuit to wear under an Abaya 
Accessories By ForTheLOVEOf... 
FMM's Notebooks. 

Ooh Laa Laa Baby Couture!  

One Of the stalls that I really did wanted to look at!
Loving the Marlyn Monroe Skirt + Hand Shirt
Inner Clothes to wear in Abaya 

In-Love with their Necklace! 
Mznzn AK Loving her FMM Notebooks
that she Got !! 


FMM;  Pin:2756C9AD , , , @FMM___ , Fatmaalmulla on Instagram , +971555445666

ForTheLoveOf..; @4theloveofinfo , 4theloveofinfo on Instagram, 

Royal , Pin:279B9D7E , +971509444990 

 (The Only Cards that I have Collected from the Eventra)

Thank you, Yours Sincerely 
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