Monday, 9 April 2012

H*OUT .. New Emarati Business

A New business that everyone should know about! Created by 2 Emarati girls ... 

Hoodies Were the answer! As everybody loves wearing loose clothings and love these creative hoodies why don't you check out H*OUT collection? 

Want to know H*OUT's story? .. well why didn't you say so 

​So I bet your wondering what H*OUT means? and how we chose that name for our business. Well to be honest this is how the story starts ... 
The Owner (Myself- Moaza AK) has planned this business from age 12 and this is when she made a partnership business with Abeer BM and introducing it to everyone by signing up to the Young Entrepreneur Competition that has been held by H.H.Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum. 
" A New business found by 2 Emarati girls who realized that swag whould be worn around! & Hoodies was the answer. " 
So people kept telling us that our business will fail and no one is going to think of buying our hoodies, but unfortunately it didn't (Thank God) We had aims, goals in our business and in our lives and we wanted to make a change, and YES! we succeeded it .. but however we need YOUR help and your support through our business to grow and succeed and SURPRISE YOU with our best designed hoodies! If you like our first collection that started at YEC, You will LOVE our other collections! 

Our Stall @ Young Entrepreneur Competition
Stay in touch for more important information & don't forget to support me and my friend Abeer through this business! 

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H*OUT Team 

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