Saturday, 21 April 2012

He was the one .. (Short Story)

So everyone was talking about love.. happiness and how your life changes! Which I never believed in. Anyways let me introduce you to myself. My name is Jowhara, age 15 and today is a fresh start to my summer holiday! Nothing planned and nothing is to be planned.. just chilling at home in Dubai with my friends & family.  

As the days passed .. a week or two, I felt like going on to facebook and this is when I got this pop up chat and this person's name would always pop out! He would never shut up and leave until he knows what I'm doing great and how's my day going etc. and then he would just excuse himself and sign's out. His name was Saqr from Abu Dhabi, Age 17.  
Talking to him became a routine in my life, and I would never let a day pass without talking to him on MSN/Facebook chat... as if I'm being addicted to him.  

After 3 weeks of me chatting to Saqr non-stop it felt like I have known him for years! .. One day he just begged me to skype with him which I felt was quite embarrassing but gave it a go. He switched on his cam and I had my finger on the cam which covered the webcam wishing that he won't judge me by my looks or make fun of me. 
When I first heard his voice saying "Jowhara, Shily 9b3ch mn l'cam." , I had goosebumps and felt so scared but secured with him for some reasons - I had this 'butterfly tummy' before un-covering the camera. 
He stared and kept silent for a while, I asked whats wrong, All he replied was .. "Your Beautiful.." in this faithful tone of voice. I had this speechless/shy face on not knowing what to say - just had a smirk on my face and tried to change the subject. 
Saqr was the most cute(est) thing that I have ever seen, He might not looked perfect but he was the one. 
He looked chubby, had long hair that he took care off and tied back as if he was to be the next hotty wrestler, Tanned/Bronzy skin color and the most beautiful eyes that I have ever seen - Hazel coloured eyes with long lashes that made you wonder off to La-La-Land
Days passed and all I would do is wake up and sleep with Saqr's face on my laptop (Webcaming).  

This day has arrived, The day that he showed me his feelings.. his real emotions and spirit towards me. Hearing theses 3 words (Don't count my name) that changed my life... 'I Love you Jowhara' was the best thing that I have ever heard. The best Feeling is when you have butterflies in your tummy and goosebumps all over your body. Yes, I was speechless but I just had to tell him my true feelings by replying "... i Love you too" 
The moment that we both knew we had the same feelings for each other was the best thing in life, He used to always tell me that " I'm going to marry you and were going to create a family & I AM going to prove that your mother is wrong!" (Mothers never believed in teenager-love which will end 'Happily Ever After' that creates a family) I will never forget this line until this day and beyond.  
after days passed by as our love grew stronger, so suddenly he told me that he had to leave to USA where he would always spend his summer at.  

4 AM in the morning, watching Saqr getting ready for his flight this was our last good byes and we had to say our farewells before him leaving. He gave me a kiss to catch and to lock down into my heart and I gave him a kiss to keep forever and never to be forgotten. 
2 Days until he arrived which I felt it took 2 years for him to reach but thank god! he landed safely. 

USA wasn't like the days that we had in the beginning, we would barely chat and barely webcam and barely do anything together! Some shit came through our relationship which made our love collapse ... Thanks to 'him' .. everything between me and Saqr is over. People were shocked, Surprised and Stunned when they knew about everything being done&over.  As they said, We were the cute(est) couples ever seen. 
Saqr thought that I disliked him from his body, So he did this EXTREME fitness and diet for him to loose weight and look better with great shape and to be fit.  

As Saqr came back from USA, he got a blackberry (Finally), Which means I can get in-touch with him even though we weren't together I just had to speak to him, I was so addicted. 
I saw how Saqr changed and what he turned into, Not only his looks changed but his attitude towards me changed and his rudeness that conquered him. I just tried ignoring his attitude and his irritating personality. 
Saqr turned into a player that had no heart, he turned into a jerk that dated all of my friends...
He basically turned into a ... B   E   A   S   T of his own. 
& The most annoying thing is that, My friends dated him even though they knew I still loved him. I was basically "Saqr's Stalker". 

He used to talk shit behind my back, talk to people in a bad way about me and much ... much more! 
But guess what? I still wanted him back. 
a year passed when we got back together in January, He has his birthday coming up on January 18 - I just had to see him! We went to the Dubai Mall and celebrated his 17th birthday! He came up to me and was like "Hey Baby" ... I couldn't believe what I heard, I just had the same feelings that I always get - They were the best! , We went off and chilled together by dicussing how everything collapsed and what he's planning on doing in the future/summer and how much we still love each other, It was the most splendid time of my life. But...I just knew this was the first and last time that I'm going to see his face that made me wonder in his eyes and gave me these ssecond thoughts about everything ... Which ended up what I have said was just a painful truth. 

For some reasons, He hated me so much that he continued talking behind my back after we broke up on January 31st 2011. I had him on my twitter account when he tweeted this dedication to me which was a verse in a song that was so mean and really did piss me off. Why? Because he just tweeted it publicly for the world to see, I was Laughed-at and humiliated, Called names and much more! People used to call me "Saqr's Female Dog" which I don't find pleasant at all ! He was proud of it and didn't make any deal of what's happening. 

My friends helped me to get over him, my health dropped and this is when my family knew what was happening and were in shock but helped me through. I wasn't Jowhara anymore, I just had these negative thoughts and negative things that haunted my life, I had over 40 chats of me and him saved on my blackberry memo and not only that but an album full of his pictures which people found annoying. 
He might not be mine but he was... Once, "I Will fight for you until i keep you for me, & Only me - no one else.. i Promise"-That's what I'm still waiting for but I am sure he does not remember that promise & will never remember it no matter what. 

On one occasion, I got this tweet from a gossip tweeper that keeps tweeting gossips about people and what I found Irritating was that.. This was Tweeted "@Jowhara are you still following @Saqr like a dog?" - You Don't know how much I cried and how much pain I was in.  

2011 summer has arrived, I went through pain and misunderstanding and lots of messed up paths to happiness, I had aims in life and one of them is to show that twit that he was wrong and I am Strong & Show him that he made a mistake on what he has said about me and about all the insults he used to call me such as 'Fat-ass' and 'the XXXL women' and much more painful insults.  
For some reasons I still had feelings for him but I just tried to ignore my inner feelings and move on. 

This is NOT the end.. Everyday I would find something out about him which makes me  happy. 
Not everything was mentioned in this post, But if you just knew the hard time that I have been through ...
you would have known how tough things have been going through my life. 

I Live everyday.. Full of jealousy.. Weakness .. Protectiveness & Hatefulness 
But all I would do is try to ignore & move on to make a change in my life, 
Because nothing will change me  
expect for myself

The reasons that I had to share this story was because, I didn't have anyone to listen to me and I had no one that cares about my feelings but I know there are people out there who feel the same. 
Don't ever fall in-love with a guy by thinking he'll stay with you forever, expect everyone in life will leave you one day ... so do not bother yourself or forcing yourself to love someone and knowing he/she will leave you one day, You do not want to be me! Believe me x I promise you that. 
Have a high self esteem about yourself, Do not feel ugly.. because everyone is beautiful in their own way -- But if your willing to make a change for e.g. trying to loose weight, Do it! By changing your food/life-style by exercising and eating healthy! Everything has a key and once you find the key, your going to be a successful person. 

Anyways, I hope you loved my story and my advice to you. 
                    Love from JOWAHER   

This story is True, Characters names were randomly chosen. 
This  post is not to be copied or used. 
Alrights reserved to myself (MOAZA.AK)
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  1. We're actually very proud of you because you wrote this down. It's really hard to open up and face your past, especially when it's something like this, where people humiliate you and talk about you... He obviously doesn't deserve Jowhara.
    *hug* We're here, we'll listen to what you need to say, always.

    Lots of Love

    1. Thank you very much Lady M, True that :) it was hard to type up what I really felt etc. if you know what i mean.
      Yeah, He will never deserve girls that respect him!
      *Hugs back* Thank you so much x

      hugs & Kisses babe


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