Friday, 23 December 2011

Racism is Everywhere...

Hello everyone! I know eny wayed mga9ra, and I BARELY blog new posts, its just that I'm TOO pressured with school and I just started my Winter BREAK! which I don't really call a winter break because .. I have to study for my first GCSE Exam which will be on 12/January/2012. Any ways.. 

As I chatted away with people on BBM, Twitter or on the phone...
capital "RACISM" was taking over... 

As myself, I've been insulted a lot due to my looks and much more. Well, let's face the truth! I have full Pure Emirati parents (الله يطول بعمرهم) and that makes me a PURE Emirati which people express it as "بنت عرب, بطن و ظهر" & I'm Proud of this fact. YOU should also be proud about yourself and your family too! People insult you because your 3eemy? Bloushi? She7ii? Screw them. Who are they to judge? 

What I don't get about this society (people) is that... They're so racist with choosing friends! Why? why? WHY? They're humans too aren't they? They have feelings too? We are one. If you just don't show the real you.. your seriously going to have a disastrous life.. Believe me. 

What really bugs me.. People that are just RACIST about Skin Colour. It doesn't matter if you Black or White, What really matters is your heart ...

I'm typing this post for people's benefit.. especially the ones that are truly offended by others and don''t have the power to stand up for themselves. Believe me... being racist is not 'great', nor 'cool'.    

Hope you forward this message to everyone and make a change not only in the Khaleej, But EVERYWHERE. 

-Thank you and please leave your lovely messages/comments below.


  1. HOW DARE YOU !!!!!! Kaif tft7en helmw'6o3 ! If you're not racis chan ma entBahte 7ata ! Wtf ! What's wrong whith you ! THere is no such a thing esma 3yam , 3rab blosh sh7o7 ! Klna emartien w el n3m fena ! No matter sho kan our last name ! W btw bnt el 3rab w '6hr w b6n ma tt9war. W ehe b kshat'ha !

  2. Listen dude ;) I wrote this post because people think were all different w 3al asaas were all the same and feeh Banat 3yal 3arab ba6n w '6ahar w yt9awroon, Allah ma7aram hal shay. When allah by7arm Hal shay.. Hal wagt ana bawagf w maba9wr w 3al asaaas I respect all Cultured people I don't care if their black or white or 3eemy bloshi and what's so ever. I typed this blog not fight but to change some people's Perspective about how their thinking. Ana maa '3la6 F klamy and before posting this here I sent to to half of my list wether their badw, 3yam, Bloosh, sh7oo7, Lebanese klshay :) so if you find it offense tell me that and which part ;* thanks x

    - Chakita AK

  3. AK = Al 5oore
    dude ente 3emeya :p just sayin

    1. Nah :p Ymkn Al Khalifa? Abdulla Khalfan? Ahmed Khalid? Al Kaabi? LOL. LMAO.

  4. oh And ele gala/t'h el first comment is so true. bnt el3arab ma tetkasha5 w tet9awar! and you cant deny ena mashay racism in the world o che ,example " el3arab ma ya5thoon 3eyam" "el 3eyam ma ya5thon bloosh " and such things , I know being racist is lame and wrong! but deep inside you cant help but be racist!

    i totaly agree with you fe el black and white racism because i think that people get offended when someone points out their colour + its rude and wrong.

    now back to the 3arab/3eyam/bloosh thingy!
    i think you should be proud of who you are.

    ana 3rbeya and i get so annoyed when a "3emeya" says enha "3rbeya" .like why do you have to lie about who you are! on the other hand if a "3emeya" says enha "3emeya" it makes me happy and makes me want to be her friend ,because she is proud of herself !

    -sorry if its wrong but i had to say this-

  5. Anonymouse 3Jan:

    First of all, How do you know im Al Khoori? and no offence but my friends are alKhoori but im not. Do you have any proof ? :D Do you have my passport or ID? or anything that proofs that? Hell no :* , AK can stand for anything in the world.

    no.2 So wat lo bent L'3rab ttkasha5 w tt9awar? Kel bent 3la ra7at'ha w each person knows whats right and whats wrong and that what matters.
    Hakeeh 7rmat El Ameer 6laal BinWaleed, 7rmtah L'thanya shes a pure saudi arabian bedioun and raylha from the S3oody royalty and see her? Dont tell me shes all covered up and doesn't take any pictures and ma ttkasha5. Each girl has her own rights to do what she likes.

    Well i said fee racism in the world maglt mafeeh w you can change that racism in yourself.

    I get annoyed too, Btw? now glty ench 3rbyah- 7laal 3laich tgoleen ench 3rbya w 7ram 3alay ana agool eni 3rbya? :) we all have to live under truth and why would i lie about something im proud off and true? why would i even waste my time typing up this post?

    I also like people who says the truth too because it shows like that their truthful people to others and to them selves.

    Anyways thanks and you shouldn't judge people just because of their initials or pictures because el7umdiallah everyone knows themselves and you wouldn't like it if someone just makes something up about ur family or your appearance.
    as they always say "Don't judge a book by its cover" Thank you x

  6. i know ena ur al khoori because i follow you on twitter , and you mentioned it :) !

    o kl7ad y3arf 3umra , if you want to lie about who you are , its fine by me !

    oh yeah , mangood 3nd el 3arab swalf el 9owar ma 9owar!!!

    *NOT Hating, JUST Saying*


    1. Anonymous Jan13:

      1. Thanks for following me.

      2. i didn't mention it so stop all these lame lies =))

      3. As you said! everyone knows themselves , i know my self more than you do. i Know my family and i know the real me so don't say whatever you want because your just wasting your time judging people.
      p.s: i don't lie about myself el7umdiallah because i know 'me' w wath8a 3n 3mrieh.

      4. its not mangood and stop making up these rules, and if you make these rules for yourself well.. tough luck i guess :p

  7. and why get offensive all of a sudden ? seems to me that ente mub wath8a mn 3umrch !

    look i dont care etha ente 3emeeya or 3rbeeya but dont lye about it !

    back to salfat el ta9weer , hatheech shai5a ,bnt shyoo5, mrt shai5 , lazm tetkasha5,people care about what she does , lazm be9awronha ,mub heh sarat galat ta3alo 9awrone!

    etkash5ay 3adi,but dont post kash5atch all over the internet

    sweetie ,i dont really care what you do!
    bas 7abait an9a7!
    and btw ,here fl emarat all that people care about is ur reputation , keep that en mind ! 3gb yoowm bt7a9leen 9owarch everywhere dont regret it !
    because lets face it , people dont understand what "all rights reserved " even means !

    i hope i didnt offend you in any way !
    and i really like your blogs,keep up the good work! 3eme/3rbe or blushi , you have an intersting way in blogging :) ! and ill still read your blogs ,even though i dont agree with you at some points :p !

    stay tuned for my comments in the future enshalla =))

    1. Anonymous Jan 15:

      El7umdiallah wath8a 3n 3mrih <3 w L'3ks 9a7ee7, Enti eli hub wath8a because if you did you wouldn't just post lame comments :) and i don't lie about stuff that is true ;) . .

      So what? Klwa7d 7rr , Mob lazem you come and say 7ram w these stuff which aren't even "7aram" *yawnn* w btw l3lmch kel shei5ah tkoon wyaha m9wra w t9wrhn :*

      and FYI i don't post 3a gooltch "Kash5aty" On the internet, and if i did i wouldn't have my face shown like for example: fashion Guru's such as Latifa ALSHAMSI, Kaltham ALROMAITHY etc. They post " Kash5at'hum " to the people and to the whole world.

      If you don't care what i do, Why post these lame comments and brag about everything =| ?

      Mashkoora 3la Na9ee7tch <3
      True that- They'll never understand what all rights reserved mean, But i Promise you - i don't have my pictures all around the internet el 7umdiallah.
      i may have my pictures on BBM but not On the internet and whoever i have on BBM are my close friends which i hangout with perhaps at school or with the family :D

      Hahahah Thanks anyways♥ :) Inshallah.

  8. Chakita AK I really love your posts :*

    W Annons why trying to be a bitch about everything

    1. Thank you very much babe x <3

      Hhahaha :) Thanks x I deal with them everyday
      believe me its a pain.


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